Feb 28, 2008

Day Dreaming

I sit here in my office, In the River North section of Chicago, absolutely losing my mind. The weather has got me by the neck, choking off essential air to my tiny, tiny Brain. I’ve been endlessly obsessing about Dry Pavement, blazing sun and wearing only a kit, no hat, arm or knee warmers.. I’ve had enough, I can’t take another minute on my damn Trainer, No more one legged drillski’s, High Cadence pukalators or the Almighty 53/11 for 10 min at 60 barf-o-trons, blah, blah fucking blah…..I just want to be high speed and Free on the road getting tortured by my beloved friends and teammates, alternating between suffering and revenge a dozen times a ride….I long to limp back into town after 4 hours of 2 wheeled madness…

The Good News is over thirty of my team-mates and I are going to spring camp in San Luis Obispo, Ca March 8th thru the 15th …. 7 days of Riding and Vomiting thru the coastal mountains of central California….. This alone is like a beacon, calling me to the shores of sanity..
The countdown is on…… for a 25+ hour week on my bike… I can’t fucking wait……

Photo of the Day

Feb 14, 2008

Bike Love Quotes

“What I love most about riding…..Is the freedom. When I was a kid it was my escape, An alternate reality ….and all these years later it’s still the same. When I’m on my bike I am completely relaxed and am only thinking about one thing, what’s in front of me”

“I love being on my clean burning, quiet, efficient machine in the city, ripping down streets, experiencing the rare life moments when everything gets quiet and seems to flow smoothly like I’m in the eye of a hurricane”

“What other sport could you be suffering till your eyes are bleeding and at that same moment look over and see snow capped mountains that are perfectly pristine and beautiful?”

“A day without my bike is a lost day.”

Feb 7, 2008


Looking thru my old CDs and Audio files, I was thinking about what influenced me as a young musician
Living in Chicago the last 15 years molded my tastes forever.....The mid 90’s were an exciting time musically. Styles were on their first laps, so to speak, Punk had spawned so many sub-genres and scenes .
I was a Huge fan of this band...

THE JESUS LIZARD, Who represents the Prototype 90’s Chicago Sound ..PERIOD, They effected so many, with those bombastic, driving Drum lines locked tightly with David Sims and his perfect post-punk snarly bass tone. Duane Denison painted over all that beautifully with a Tasty display of angry chords in a quazi-surf tone, very original and powerful …Lastly who can ever forget the unforgettable David Yow and his live performances. He was Like watching different Car Crash over and over again for 60 minutes leaving you slack jawed and sweaty…..more Later from the way back Machine