Jun 24, 2008

Jun 20, 2008

Okay...Enough of the sensitive, fluffy shit...

This is what the inside of my head will sound like while I chase around the crafty Nick Gierman of Vitamin Water/Trek and the wattage cottage known as Chris Padfield from Team Pegasus this Saturday at Cobb Park...I can taste the vomit already....

Nature imitating Bike Racers

We get along well with others

We spar amongst ourselves

We look for a good wheel

We love to eat after a ride

Nothing like a good nap

Jun 19, 2008

Hair Growth Experiment

I want to know who wants to have a fall mustache contest...
I need a reason to grow a creepy stash that makes me look 60

Bike Racers Tip of the Day

How to Nap

Artist of the Day


Creep of the Day

Old Jokes Home Puzzle:
If a woman is uncomfortable watching you
have a wank, do you think?

a) You need more time together
b) She's a prude
c) She should sit somewhere else on the bus?

Hair-Do of the Day

Image of the Day

My next job....the Bike Heckler...
Mash Those Peddles Suzy !!!!!

Jun 18, 2008

Hero of the Week

Climbing up the infamous Manayunk wall in Philadelphia, Pro rider Glen Chadwick takes a beer Hand up....Sa-weeeeet

Vomit of the Week

gimme this and a whoopie cushion and I'm golden for hours

Product of the Day

*Beerndito's Unite
mmmm...Hydrate for those really long rides
*thanks Stevil

Bike of the Day

Jun 16, 2008

Image of the Day

Thats all I got today....
I need a nap after a killah weekend..

Jun 6, 2008


If i type my full Name in an Anagram generator..
I become a
Renown Trout Leach
click on this link and say goodbye to 10 minutes of your day
good times

Jun 4, 2008

Art of the Day

What the @$#@$%#@ ??
Someone please tell me what the title of this Sculpture is...

Oh.....How I miss my friends in Colorado

This fella played in Punk rock bands with me, then up and moved to the Mountains....Here we see Chris deep in the Pain Cave during a Tele Race...I guarantee he has at least 9 beers in em...and moments from chuffing..ha

House of the Day

Dumbest thing ever

I'll bet you a buck this Cat went Batshit on the the poor bastard wearing this redonkulous contraption ...

Image of the Day

Jun 2, 2008

I want...

An Airstream Bambi
The envy of any Trailer Court

The Great Outdoors

The best rest area ever...A great view and ahhhhhh