Apr 24, 2008

HOLY SH#T !!! of the week

Family on vacation in Australia for a week and a half when Husband,
Wife and their 15 year old Son decided to go scuba diving. The
Husband was in the navy and had had some scuba experience. His Son
wanted a picture of his Mum and Dad in all their gear so he got the
under water camera ready to go. When it came to taking the picture
the Dad realized that his son looked like he was Panicking as he took
it and gave the 'OK' hand sign to see if he was all right.

The Son took the picture and swam to the surface and back to the boat
as quick as he could so the Mum and Dad followed to see if he was OK.
When they got back to him he was scrambling onto the boat and
absolutely panicking. When the Parents asked why, he said "There Was
a Shark Behind You." The Dad thought he was joking but the Skipper
of the boat said it was true but they wouldn't believe him. As soon
as they got back to the hotel they loaded the picture onto the laptop
and this is what they saw.....

Apr 23, 2008

Yeah Man !!...of the week

I would do this every race if I could, Whipping bottles at other Racers, people watching, Officials...I think this kind of Behavior should be encouraged whole heartedly

Hells Yes of the Day

So glad its almost summer pic of the Day

Sorry to be such a dude...but this pic kills me..ha

Apr 22, 2008

Strait Outa Highland Park

As I rolled thru Highland Park last weekend, I wondered why the people from there don't appreciate Cyclists more, I mean....we spend Thousands of dollars a year in there shops ...as its the major Northside meeting point for so many Team and Training rides..If I was the Mayor there...I'd have a Badass Crit..Imagine this....75 maniacs Bombing down to the Boat launch, making a hard left up that little quad burner and head back Downtown H.P. for a technical section and Start/Finish.....Hells Yessss

Apr 17, 2008

Pic of the Day

And ....We in Chicago complain about our Pot holed ridden roads..
Ride some a deez beeyotches

Image of the Day

Lucky Bastard of the Week

Wednesday April 17th 6pm…
I was cruisin home after work on the path…
The sun was finally out, 70 degrees..soft peddlin with the wind at my back..
After a long winter, everything was beautiful…
until .....a jogger decided without looking to do a U-turn directly into me..
I had about a milli-second to scream, try to dodge and brace for impact..
Instincts took over from all the collision sports I played as a youth..
I hit him with my right shoulder and did a full flip, slid and was on my feet before my bike stopped skidding sadly on the pavement..
I picked my bike up, moved it out of the path and asked the fella I collided with if he was ok ?
After he picked himself up and said.."yeah ...I think so” I wanted to scream, but thought better of it since me blasting him like Ronnie Lott was more powerful than anything I could say....and by the look on my face and the condition of my bike he began to apologize....I said.."I’m just glad we’re OK, s#@t happens and turn down your I-pod"…
I then began to take inventory of my bike, an exploded tube, which I changed and a front rim that needs some love, bent hoods, their both aiming left and cracked....I slowly rolled home like a circus clown with a wobbly front rim in complete disbelief of how Lucky I was to come away with only a sore shoulder,back and a couple little scratches....

Apr 16, 2008

Fountain of doo doo

I've been told that this piece of lawn crap resides in Chicago

Sunbather of the Week

Everyone looks better with a little Tan....keep the plastic surfaces cool though, they could melt

Lid of the Day

This is for you wimps that don't have the courage or genes to grow a badass winter stash..

Wheelset of the Day

Old School Materials.........Wood

Apr 11, 2008

Shirt of the Day

I'm more Punk than Metal.....But this is a good shirt because they use the term "Slam Dancing" instead of that awful word "m@shing"..I can't even bring myself to type it..
I believe it's Origin is from a swamp in New Jersey....next to Jimmy Hoffa..
Anthrax can munch it....I blame them

Pic of the Day

Sez it all

Apr 9, 2008

Sad Day in NYC

My favorite Salmon Burger Joint in NYC "ZIP BURGER" is gone thanks to a horrible Crane Accident, Everytime I went to New York City in the last few years I would meet my friend Jenny O there....Salmon Burger with Guac, Honey Mustard and Grilled Onions.....never again

Product of the Day


Doo-mas of the Day

Is it Beer O'clock, Is it time to Sprint ?..Nevermind the wheel inches in front of mine at 27 mph

Band of the Day


Apr 7, 2008

Yes Please of the Day

News of the Day

New Zealand Man "Used Hedgehog as Weapon"

A man in New Zealand has been charged with using a hedgehog as a weapon, the New Zealand Herald has reported.
Police said William Singalargh, 27, had hurled the hedgehog about 5m (16ft) at a 15-year-old boy.
"It hit the victim in the leg, causing a large, red welt and several puncture marks," said Senior Sgt Bruce Jenkins, in the North Island town of Whakatane.
It was unclear whether the hedgehog was still alive when it was thrown, though it was dead when collected as evidence.
The police spokesman said the suspect was arrested "for assault with a weapon, namely the hedgehog."
Mr Singalargh is due to appear in court on 17 April. If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison.

Commitment of the Day

David Clinger of Rock Racing

Apr 5, 2008

Trip of the Week

Follow the Directions.......ooo ahhhh oooo ahhhh

Apr 3, 2008

Photo of the Day

Parade of the Week

I like these people and their priorities very much...
Chicago needs a Penis Appreciation Day Parade....don't you think ?
Oh wait.....
there is one...
oh jeez

Fuck Bass...More Tuba

I mean..Not really and not to offend my beloved Bass playing friends but...man I love Punk Rock Tuba..

Like I said....

Tuba's Rock

Dude of the Day

How to Avoid a Bummer Life posted this a long time ago and since it feels like Spring and Love is in the Air, I thought I would post an Encore performance... Ladies...Get in Line

Hair-Do of the Day

Ladies and Gentlemen.....Oscar Gamble

What a BadAss...