Feb 18, 2007


When America thinks Denver... They think about the lovely Rocky Mountains,Omelets,and maybe the dreaded Boot,But these preconceived notions about most Denver-ites being nature loving,active outdoorsy Treehugger types who swill Microbrew while driving fancy trustafarian financed 4WD's must be addressed.I myself thought this was the case from a half a dozen trips here before I moved to the Cap-Hill area of Denver.
My first Awakening to the"Darker" side of Denver happened when a good friend(a Colorado Native)invited me to an "Art Opening"at a really kick ass little clothing store on S.Broadway.I was happy to see folks with Art Damage(nice ink) and rowdy sences of humor,unlike my early introduction to Denvers Ultra PC "politically active"set(yawn).Free beer and snacks were abundant and quality mixed media pieces graced the walls for extremely reasonable prices.I met good people,had solid coversations and laughed more than I had since leaving Chicago..If this would have been the completion of my evening..I would have been a happy camper....
but no..
I was invited to a bar just down the street...to play some pool and have a nightcap.As we are getting ID'd I begin to take notice of the clientel in this establishment...a blend of Sturgis rally meets saggy pant wearin Skate/SnowRats sprinkled with a few skinbirds and Rockabilly dudes.Nothing new right.....wrong...,As I'm racking up the first game of pool I notice the band setting up on stage hanging their banner entitled"Nicaraguan Death Squad"...I'm thinking...hmmm interesting,I hear the drummer warming up with shit hot double bass riffs and the energy starts to pick up in the bar...its palpable...the guitar player is setting up his full stack of amplification,He plugs in and rips a couple low chunks and a wee-dah-lee or two and this giant bearded subhuman walks by me,shaking the floor from his Sasquatch like weight mumbling something like"Oh ..It's On".....I'm thinking"what the fuck is going on here?!?!,I'm supposed to be in laid back Denver".....wrong....."Nicaraguan Death Squad" starts playing their first song,Strait Up Death Metal and the place goes up for grabs they have two "singers"the first does the patented low death growl and the other would scream like a banshee.

If you know me,you know I prefer my heavy on the Punk side but this was a spectacle to behold as they ripped out song after song while a giant 20 man wrestling match broke out all the way on the the sidewalk...
Fucking fantastic I say...what a suprise,a true-ly great night
weeks pass......
I had to see and feel more....I hear that Slayer is coming thru town and I lightly mention it in passing to my friend who invited me out for that eye opening night.....and to my suprise He scores free tickets and in the VIP section to boot,above the blood,puke and carnage not but 40 feet from the stage and what do you know...a sold out sweat box filled with a swirling pit of 5000 metalmaniacs.....Slayer was as tight as any jazz band I've ever seen....seriously

Its just nice to know that inbetween my mountain snowboard trips,epic bike rides,coffee house reads and organic Boulder visits I can get a little dirty if I want too............now.....I need a nap