May 30, 2008

Tour de Leelanau

My Escape from Urban Blight..I head up to the north country on a regular basis, All my family is in Traverse City area, deep in the pinkie region of the mitten we call Michigan, Leelanau County to be exact. Following my usual routine, I get on my bike and ride perfect roads with Evil midwestern climbs and am constantly rewarded with mind boggling vistas, This last holiday visit I'd start around 6am meeting up with fellow xXx'er Ed for two perfect rides, his family ironically lives right down the street from my sister. 5 minutes into peddling I'd see multiple deer running parallel to me, ripping thru the woods,a red fox scoot by and a unsuspecting waddling Raccoon. ...We rode north the first day deep into Leelanau County, thru Empire and parts of the Tour de Leelanau course, a brand new UCI Pro event..a tortuous 109 mile point to point road race. We sampled the 17% section of Fredrickson road which I've ridden many times and was happy to share with Ed..At the top of the climb that familiar sensation of nausea hits me thru the laughter of the utter absurdity of the thought of this hill at race pace with pro's....

Fast forward 24 hours...I plant myself at the top of this same hill to watch the race roll by, hoping to see a hint of pain from the faces of Domestic pro cyclists..After the parade of County Sheriffs and Race Marshals, I can see the Herd at the bottom of the Hill, there is a lead group of eight motoring up this thing like a squad of emotionless cyborgs, I fully belly laugh and am blown away by the tempo. 30 seconds back is the rest of the pro field laboring just a tiny bit, behind them are stragglers showing what I was looking yes...there it is, I feel ya brother...urp...5 minutes later a big group of amateurs slowly creep up this stinger and finally I don't feel so pathetic..ha. After the sweeper car rolled by We drive down into Empire to watch a sprint point after a technical decent, Perfect timing...As the Parade started by I could see the peloton strung out, flying towards us, We were standing right a 90 degree right hander 150 meters before the actual sprint point. The course was wet so the riders slowed into the corner and then Hammered up out of the saddle towards the sprint point...The wurr of Carbon fiber rims rolled by, my heart rate jumped as I watched these guys ripping single file. The average speed of the winning group for the 109 miles was just under 26 mph, which is insane thinking about the amount of climbing in this race..
From here we went to the beach and took an amazingly luxurious post ride/race watching/lunch nap in the sun...what a Kickass weekend...I hope I can entice my Chicago racing friends to road trip with me this summer to ride up there...The place is Magical

whoa.....of the day

If Star Wars was filmed two decades earlier

If Star Wars was filmed two decades earlier and Saul Bass did the opening title sequence, it "might" look like this...
This was part of a school project. The song is "Machine" by the Buddy Rich Band off the album Big Swing Face (1967).

Must Have of the Day

Man.......For those of you you who know me, I often imitate Chewbacca in the slaphappy state I get in after a 4 hour torture ride...I need this backpack for Christmas

May 29, 2008

Man of the Day

"I have the best job in the world, I mean...I get paid to put people in Pain, what could be better than that"
You tell em Conan !

May 15, 2008

Bad Guy of the Year

nuff said

Detroit History 101

THE SCENE used to be a regular after-school throwdown when I was in High School on channel 62, You'll notice the folks of Detroit dancing to Kraftwerk in 1982....
That is So Kickass......
The person responsible for Urban youth listening to New Deutch Wave was a Radio DJ named MOJO who used to spin an eccentric blend every night..thus the seeds of Techno were planted...Detroit always has been a musical melting pot...No Jobs = Play Music and Party

Man of the Day

David Miller....Genius

May 14, 2008

Steve and his Emotions

Art of the Day

brought to you by Tavis Coburn

Coffee Break of the Day

After a tough morning of extreme Storm Trooping, nothing satisfies like a giant cup of joe and a pastry

Sweet Tooth

The more I ride...The more I crave sweets
I love the way food tastes after 5 hours on your bike..
I've often heard.....
"this ..... is the best thing I have ever eaten in my whole entire life"

Flashback of the Day

oh man....A new way to wrap buildings under construction in Europe

When Men were Men...

and...not the sharpest tools in the shed
Goalies without Face Protection...AWWWW YEAH

May 8, 2008

Image of the Day

Everybody needs a little bit a help now and then...

For the Love of Meat

MMMMMM ....Check this out

May 7, 2008

Artists as Animals

This is one of many amazing illustrations from a collection by artist Patrick Moberg

Ladies and Gentleman...

presenting.....The Boob Scarf

Scary Person of the Day

oh jeez...


This person is a genius

Mobile Cheers

Whatever it takes for some peeps...
somethin is better than nuthin...
I mean..
just check the add below....

Just 5 Miles A Day
Don't you think it's time we all became more physically active?
Beginning in 2007, a few friends and I started riding 5 miles every day.

If any of you would like to join our Bike Club, please let me know and we can make arrangements.

I think it would be appropriate to ride somewhere between 4:00 and 7:00pm. We can call it happy hour, if it will make you say yes.

I have enclosed a photo of my bike - see below.