Nov 14, 2008

Bike Derby

Bike derby
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Also known as "Foot Down" a bike derby is a contest, the goal of which is to be the last person still riding their bike. Modeled somewhere between a Demolition derby and a Roller derby, a bike derby adds the element of maintaining balance on a bicycle while causing other contentants' to lose their balance and step or fall to the ground. When a contestant touches the ground, they are considered out of the derby.

Bike derbies often involve, roughly in order of popularity:
-drinking alcoholic beverages
-an arena defined by the spectators' bodies
-audience participation
-personal injury
-property damage, primarily to contestants' bikes
-cheap bikes

Ghost Bike
Additionally, a newer trend of 'Ghost Biking' has become part of a derby. A 'Ghost Bike' is a riderless bike that is often rolled into the mix by someone on the sidelines. The intention of this is to knock someone off their bike.

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